Some changes...

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available on Etsy here

Change is Good

After working on a few watercolors and the black and white portrait, I had a need to revisit these paintings
with a fresh approach. I'm not sure if you can tell what changes I made but I feel like they both needed more expression. I don't like for my paintings to get too tight and felt like a little loosening up would help. Sometimes it really helps to step away and to work on something completely different to get a different perspective to my work. I'm happy with the changes, I hope you are too:)

I'm joining in on Show and Tell Friday here!


koralee said…
I think they are beautiful my friend...but I can understand what you are can be applied to anything. xoxo Hugs
I can't decide which one
I like best, Beautiful.
You made me want to Paint.
Dear Jennifer,
Being an artist, you need to revisit peices of work now and's all part of being so passionate about your work, I imagine. XXXX
I love your work. Beautiful!
Thank you for all of your nice comments!
Kathy said…
Your work is beautiful!
Thank you Kathy! Nice to meet you!
Anonymous said…
The first painting with the woman is beautiful : very fresh and well balanced colors.
After painting a canvas, I let it on a corner of the studio and look at it again after a week or two. Then I have a fresh eye to critic my painting and made the right adjustments.

Hello from France.

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