Hard to Keep Up 30 Day Painting Challenge Vintage Ladies

 It's hard to keep up posting all the time, especially when I'm trying to do a 30 day painting challenge!

Jen Beaudet Art 30 day painting challenge 2016

This 30 day challenge was one I did in 2016. Leslie Saeta hosted it on her blog. Those were fun, challenging, and always inspired new work. I decided to start one this month at the last minute. It's hosted by 
Sheila Delgado, called 30 Day-Creative Challenge.
I started out with some vintage women, inspired by costume designer Natalia Zinkevyc. I found her on Etsy and contact her for permission to use her photos as inspiration. If you would like to, I would suggest asking and please don't copy mine. So far, day 6...I've stuck with the figures but I'm going to be adding flowers soon. I just can't help it! I also just received a commission to "repaint" another floral from the above. It will be a bit of challenge since it was so long ago. I change paints and brushes so often and I think that has something to do with how my work looks. 

Here's a few I've done so far. They are sketches (not complete and not intended to sell, although I may if someone wants them) 

Day one of the 30 day painting challenge Jen Beaudet Zondervan

day 2 30 day challenge 2023 Jen Beaudet Z

day 3 of 30 day challenge 2023 Jen Beaudet Z


day 4 of 30 day challenge 2023 Jen Beaudet Z

day 4 of 30 day challenge 2023 Jen Beaudet Z reference photo Natalia Z

working on day 6 now. I'm posting them on my instagram @jenbeaudet_z 
 follow me on there if you want to see it first. I'm a little behind with my blog. 

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