...and I'm back!

beautiful white hydrangeas in blue vase palette knife painting by Jennifer Beaudet Zondervan

update- I'm not sure why I deleted the text on this post. Maybe I hadn't written anything. At this time, I was staying at my brother's house in Ventura, CA. I painted this, and so many other oil paintings in a tiny room that was also where I slept. I remember having to move the easel to get in bed. I think I painted my best work that year. I was really working hard to get my art out there. That was when I had a show in Santa Barbara, Ca. She's asked me to do another but I wasn't ready. I would love to make a series of this painting, although it took a while for it to sell. Possibly because of the size. I think it was an 24x30?
Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers but they always wilt as soon as I buy them. I cut the stems right away, on an angle (maybe that's not good). I've soaked the blooms upside down, in a shallow bowl of water but that didn't work. Anyway, painting them is a great way to preserve their beauty forever! 


A New Year A New Life!

Happy New Year! 
I struggle to use the explanation point on those words today, but I do believe it can only get better! 
Those of you who've been following me for awhile know how difficult this last year has been for me. My mom being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, my ex husband cheating on me and leaving me for the woman, moving to a new place and starting completely over. 
Painting should be the first thing on my mind for therapy through this, but I have found it extremely difficult to pick up a paint brush. It's been about two months now since I've painted. I used to do it everyday as it's my source of income and pleasure, but I am so uninspired lately. There's a little more going on with hormones and I think I may be depressed. I have no excuse though, and need to bounce back like I always have, but this time it feels different. It may be because my daughter is on her own, which means I am too. It's hard to go from being the mom to (what feels like) being the child. 
I was always the strong one through very difficult times that should make this seem like nothing. I hope this year is better...it has to be. 
The positive things are my mom is doing great and everyone in my family is healthy! I live in a beautiful place now and although the sun isn't shining now, it's not snowing! I'm back in school earning my BA and finally passed my algebra class with a B! I have my whole life ahead of me and can choose for it to be whatever I want it to be without being held back by someone who doesn't want the same. I like being on my own again! It's been 16 years too long.

So that's what I've been up to. How about you? Any good New Year's Resolutions? 

NEW Website!

Lots of new paintings coming to Etsy!

sold   available on etsy I'm late to posting this and now have many more coming. I painted something every day in June and am getting th...