Roses and Polka Dots!

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I just finished this one for a challenge from Daily Paintworks. The painting was done completely with a palette knife which was a lot of fun. But I think I need to read up a little more on techniques.
Oh and can you tell the roses are from my garden! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


In my own backyard...

My favorite color!

It really is a beautiful world. Sometimes you only have to look in your own backyard.

I didn't even touch these rose bushes and they have so many buds and flowers; it's amazing!


outside my window

I'm not sure what kind of tree this is but it's beautiful and make a great pattern. I took this
photo through a screen but it still came out ok.

So I really don't have to fly to Hawaii for inspiration...it's all around me!
But I did paint this one yesterday...

Kapalua watercolor sketch

I wasn't going to post this because I really didn't put too much planning into this and now I notice the photo is blurry and a little darker than the original. I decided to go ahead and share it with you though because it's part of my creative process and I ended up liking it. Do you think it looks funny with just one palm tree? Maybe...Any way it really is fun to just let it flow with no planning and no care.
I'm going to be posting more photos from Maui but had to share this wonderful beauty around me. I do live in a very gorgeous place...I just wish it were a little warmer.


Maui photos!

Sunset from Kaanapali Beach


view of Kapalua

Here's a few photos of mine from our trip to Maui. I have so many, 
but won't bore you with all of them. Now I just need to get busy painting them. I am so inspired!
I may even try to paint a sunset, something I haven't tried yet. I haven't been making my rounds to everyone's blog too much
lately and want to apologize for that. I'm going to be even more busy come next week, as we are moving to a new place. Same town just new house. I'm excited about it! 
But I'm not looking forward to an aching back from all the moving. So I might not have any new paintings for this week because the paint will be 
too wet to move. Maybe I'll do some watercolors. Have a wonderful weekend! 


Maui Upcountry Jacaranda

(I had to remove the original because the size was too large and it didn't have a watermark) 
Here's my latest painting inspired by my trip to Maui. The Jacaranda trees were just starting to
bloom. There were so many beautiful farms, it felt like a storybook. The colors really are this vivid there.
The only thing missing is a rainbow. If you love rainbows, there's always one
somewhere on the island; it's magical!

Sharing on Show and Tell Friday with Cindy from My Romantic Home

I also did a smaller cropped version of this one for a challenge on Dailypaintworks

Hawaii photos...stay tuned


Well, I have returned from my amazing vacation on Maui. Although I still love Kauai, Maui is now one of my favorites! Actually, I can't choose which island I like more. I wish I could live on any of them (except Oahu). I'm working on a new painting of the Upcountry with a Jacaranda tree. They're blooming now! They are my absolute favorite tree! I was so inspired by this trip! There is so much for the senses there...it's amazing. I just wish we could have stayed longer. Next time:)

So...all of my photos from the trip are stuck in my mom's camera. I borrowed it instead of lugging my dslr around. Her camera takes great pictures and I got some great ones, but I can't get them off of there! We've looked everywhere for the cable. I think we have to order a new one. So until I figure it out...I'll just post my paintings. 
Thank you for all of your nice comments! And thank you Terra for posting your painting! 
Enjoy your day!


I am here...

Hi everyone...or should I say...Aloha!
I've captured so many inspirational photos
I can't wait to get started painting! This time away
has been good though, not just for relaxing in my favorite
place, but also for reflection about where I am,
and where I am going. I love vacations!
So good for the mind and soul:)
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and I'm sorry I haven't been visiting
everyone, but my computer doesn't work so well in the sun!
I plan on posting some photos soon!



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I just finished this one and called it "Blush". I love this color!
I just got my hair done, highlights, and am feeling
so happy! I love getting my hair done. It's just like spring
all fresh and new!

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