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I'm Giving Away an Original Painting! (not yet)

This is not the giveaway painting...but a commission I just finished! Click to get details for your own!  Hi guys! I want to thank my loyal followers, who have been with me through all these years. As I think back on those years, there have been some really exciting moments like my solo show in Santa Barbara , my 3 paintings in Kincaid's , and being Trinity County's "unofficial" ARTIST of THE YEAR! Getting on ETSY's front-page, when I won the 15 Minute Conversation with Lori McNee , calendars and magazine covers, and every time someone purchases on of my paintings and prints.  I started this blog (back then called "My Life As A Starving Artist" in 2009. I wanted to be a part of the Daily Painters Group and one of the requirements was you needed a blog to apply. I set up my blog and when I felt ready I applied. I wan't accepted, but that didn't stop me from painting daily and posting it. Something awesome happened! My blog was seen by some pretty

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