Poppies in my studio again!


Red Poppies original painting by J Beaudet Zondervan of California
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Here's a revised painting of some beautiful red poppies! I'm using a new spring green oil stick here and there. You can see it on the stems. I also used a hot (almost fluorescent) pink mixed with the red to really make it pop! Sorry for the glare. This painting is available in my Etsy shop. Click on the image for details! 

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Peonies painting...must mean summer is here!


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I am using a palette knife with acrylics straight out of the tube here. If you look closely you can see I have left some of the pencil sketch in the vase area. I tried not to overwork it and thought it looked kind of nice like this. What do you think? 

San Clemente pier at sunset

I had to share this one from last year! It was an amazing day at the beach. Who would ever know that everything was closed at this time. 

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It's been too long...I've been loving Renoir

  Poppies Delight by Jennifer Beaudet Zondervan sold Does your life fly by? Mine sure does! How does time go by so fast? I just returned fro...