Lilacs palette knife contemporary impressionist painting

Lilacs palette knife impressionist painting 

available here

I'm busy painting, trying to get more for the next show! This one is an 8x8 oil on canvas with thick painted sides- $100. The sides are thick and painted black so no frame is needed! You can see all the texture on it! Only a palette knife can do that. It's like frosting! 


More News to Share!


Here's a new fancy lady painting that I just finished. It sold as soon as I listed it, so that's some good news! I'm going to be doing more for sure, and have an idea for a new series. (think "ocean")! 
Well, I didn't win that contest a posted about last time, but it was great just to be in it. The magazine gets a lot of exposure. I just wish I had chosen a different image. That's why I never enter (besides, they cost money) because I have the hardest time choosing what I think my best is. Even when I paint something and think I've done a great job, that's not always the one that goes the fastest. Sometimes the ones I think are the best never sell at all. I'm not a good judge I guess. haha

I do however have some exciting news to share! I was asked, by my county, to be the "Painter Representing Trinity County"! How cool is that!? I said yes of course! I'm honored and thrilled to be recognized as an artist in my little town. You probably know by now, I really only sell my art online, behind the scenes, and don't like making public appearances. I'm trying to change that, though! I've been trying all my life, really. Social anxiety is real and affects a lot of people in many ways. For me, it's definitely held me back from doing things all throughout my life. I'm almost 45 though, and think it's time to get over it! Much easier said then done…but I'm trying! 

I'm just truly grateful to have made it this far only selling my art online. It means so much to me that  my art touches your soul that much for you to want to have it in your home! It's a part of my soul…a part of me.

On my easel…I'm currently working on a commissioned piece for a dear collector of mine. It's the Augusta Golf Course's famous 12th hole. I went on the Master's website and watched the video (freezing it at the best shot). It's gorgeous! I remember watching that with my dad a few years back, and stating how gorgeous it was! Now I'm painting it. I love my job!:) 

If you'd like to commission me to paint something special for you, here's a little info on that! Commission the Artist 

Update: I'm sharing this post again to see if it helps my photos show up on google again. It seems like everything I posted over years has been erased. There have also been some mistakes about who the artist of this painting is. I am the artist. Jennifer Beaudet. I got married in 2020, so now my last name is Zondervan. There is another new artist who decided to use my exact name, Jennifer Lynn Beaudet (this is my name on my driver license and the name that I used since I was first married in 1992. It has caused a lot of confusion and has hurt my business. I just want people to know that I painted all of the women in dresses, the 30 in 30 challenges, the Italy, doors, flowers...so many. On the cover of Sasee in 2016, in the calendar for breast cancer awareness (my painting "Slippers for a Cure") and on and on. I might not have as much money as the other artist, and only have an AA degree, but I have made a name for myself. It's frustrating that I had to change my name. She would not. People share my art with her website information because her website comes up first. Yes, it sounds like I'm whining, because I am. 

The good news is, I got my old website domain back. I haven't parked it anywhere and don't know if I will. I don't know if you remember that I lost it when I was homeless. (when my ex cheated on me and I had to move) I couldn't pay for the renewal. Too much drama! The worst thing was that whoever had access to my website put the new artist's email on it! Ugh! It was so strange. The whole thing is strange. What are the chances that another artist with the same exact name would start oil painting? Almost same age and similar hair color. It's almost like the twighlight zone.
Anyway, I'm still dealing with this name thing...I don't think it will ever go away. 
I'm still painting
That's all I can do.
I'm sorry for all of you that might be confused. 


Artist of The Year!

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So, I wasn't going to try but figured it couldn't hurt. I don't normally like asking for votes, but it's a chance to win $1000, which could come in handy for creating more art! If you'd like to help me out with a vote, just click on the image then scroll down to the bottom. When you find this painting hit the "Thumbs Up" icon and that's it! The only thing is you have to vote everyday…I know, that's asking a lot. Like I said, I wasn't even going to try but maybe I'll be surprised! :) 
Thanks for your help! 



Art Showing this Saturday!

I'm actually going to be showing my work in person this Saturday! If you've been following for for anytime you know that's not something I do…like ever! A good friend of mine persuaded me to, and it felt right. It's going to be an afternoon tea party, and this little painting is just perfect for it! It will be there along with prints and some other paintings. I'm excited for this experience! 
The women putting it on are really nice and the proceeds from the Tea will go to a good cause! 
Doesn't get any better than that! Wish me luck:)


Impressionist Lavender Field Painting

Impressionist Lavender Field Painting

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Lavender Field and Sunflowers
8x8 inch
no frame needed
This contemporary impressionist lavender field painting is inspired by Spring! Click on the image to get a better idea of the colors and another view of the original painting. Lavender fields are so calming to look at, not to mention the smell and what that can do for you! The sunflowers add a nice contrast to the purple and make the colors pop. I also added some turquoise in there because all those colors look so good together! You can see some of the palette knife work and beautiful thick paint on here.

Well my daughter finished her first week at her new job and it's official now! It's the biggest sense of relief, knowing that she'll be ok. No more frantically searching the internet for grad schools and careers to make use of her BS in Psychology. It's a dream come true for her! I'm so happy for her! 

I'm going to reveal my big news next time, although it's not as big as I had thought. Isn't that the way things go sometimes. Until then, have a wonderful day and paint your world beautiful! 


Some new paintings

Pensive Melody
20x20 inch
oil on canvas
available here

The Last Rose
18x20 inch
oil on canvas
available here
I just finished these two impressionist figure paintings! I'm going to be starting some poppies now and am still planning another Southbay painting.
I received some awesome news about my art the other day but don't want to say anything until it's a done deal. I'll be sharing it as soon as that happens!

NEW Website!

Modern Impressionist Field of Flowers

  Available here New art available on my website! I love flowers and I'm not sure what these would be but I hope you enjoy it! This was ...