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I just launched a new floral series exclusive to my newsletter recipients! If you're not signed up it's not too late to...unless they sold in minutes! Here's the link to the newsletter sign up

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Valentine's Roses For You

 I'm working on a series of rose paintings just in time for Valentine's Day. Roses are good anytime of year though! I haven't posted the paintings on my website yet but wanted to share what I'm working on...and I realized I hadn't posted anything on the blog since October. Time flies! I sent out a newsletter from my website, which is where I will be launching this series, and will be available for purchase. If you're not signed up yet, it's not too late. Here's the link...you just have to confirm it on your email. 

Happy Valentine's Day pre weekend! 

New one!

My roses from Haley

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Original Sold but available as a print

NEW Website!

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