Jen Beaudet Zondervan from California (b. 1970) original paintings

Jennifer Beaudet Zondervan

sunflower oil painting

Woman in green dress by Jen Beaudet art on magazine cover

Laguna Beaudet oil painting by Jennifer Beaudet

About Artist Jen Beaudet Zondervan 
Contemporary Oil Painter USA (1970)

palette knife painting of peonies by Jennifer Beaudet artist from California Zondervan Beaudetart
One of my first palette knife paintings 2013 J Beaudet Zondervan

purple tree oil painting of a country road in maui with a jacaranda tree
Upcountry in Bloom 2014
by J Beaudet Zondervan

The Moment by J Beaudet woman in red dress sitting on bench with her back turned from the viewer oil painting done with palette knife
The Moment by Jenn Beaudet Zondervan

sunflowers oil painting with a dark background and green vase by Jennifer Beaudet artist from California
Sunflowers by Jen Beaudet Z 2012

maui oil painting, upcountry jacaranda trees, oil painting by Jennifer Beaudet Art, JBeaudet, J Beaudet Art, artist, Beaudet art, Jennifer Beaudet Zondervan
Kula Cruising  by Jennifer Beaudet Zondervan  2014 sold

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