Jen Beaudet Featured Artist

 Jennifer Beaudet Zondervan Featured Artist in Creatives Daily Presents!

California artist Jennifer Beaudet painting of Laguna Beach impressionist style with  a palette knife and oil paints
original sold

Wow! What an honor to be featured in the new Creatives Daily Presents publication by Arthur Morehead. If you would like to check it out here's the link Jennifer Beaudet Fine Artist Feature. Arthur does so much for the art community. I met him through social media, years ago, and have always looked to him for marketing advice. He's a website guru! He and Mari-Lyn have teamed up for a Marketing Summit. You may know Mari-Lyn from her Facebook Marketing Group. She is truly a beautiful person who goes out of her way to help others. I am so lucky to have them on my team! 

In the studio...I finished a fall commission of a similar painting I had done in 2013. My dad had the painting, hung in his home office and I just got it back, after he passed away 2 years ago. I wasn't able to pick it up when his wife was going through his things. She was selling the house and put a box of his belongings on her porch for me to pick up. I'm 2 hours away and couldn't get it in time. My friend, who still lives where I grew up, was so nice to go pick up the box, and held it for me until I managed to get it. Actually, another friend bought it to me! Anyway, it's been a journey back to me but I'm happy to have it as a reminder of how my dad loved me. 

A Day On The River by Jennifer Beaudet Zondervan oil painting of Trinity River in California
Available as a print

Here it is in my home (we have since changed the heater control!...it mysteriously stopped working right after this was taken. Now it's nice and new HaHa) 

After posting this painting on my instagram one of my best collectors (actually she is my best) contacted me to paint another similar painting of the same scene. I loved this spot in Trinity County so it was easy to do it again. Incidentally, this is also the painting that won a contest by Lori McNee. I won a fifteen minute phone call with her. It was a great conversation and her way of giving back. I gained a lot of followers and recognition from that. Thank you Lori! 

Here's the new one I did! Unfortunately, I didn't have my reference photo anymore. I had originally taken it on my phone and couldn't find it. It's got to be somewhere in here. So, I did it by looking at the painting.

New Trinity River Painting by Jennifer Beaudet - Zondervan

The color temp is a slightly different because of the lighting. I did the rocks a little different in this one but I think they work. Looking at this painting, I'm reminded of being there on that peaceful Autumn day. There are times I miss living there but then I look outside at my view of the ocean and it goes away. 

I just finished a new "Abstractly Impressionistic" (yeah...I made that up) floral. It's a 9x12 inch canvas and I love the red roses! I hope you do too! 

red roses and lemons by Jennifer Beaudet Zondervan
Red Roses With Lemons 9x12 inch $250 

I still need to take a better photo. This image is way too small. Not sure what happened with my phone camera but I'm going to take a new one and get it listed! 

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. 

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