New Painting of Italy Finished!


Jen Beaudet Z Italy oil painting

This was a very large painting that I was commissions to do. It took a while but it's finally complete and approved by my collector! She asked me to include her 2 kitties which I did. They look like they were right there all along! This painting was so fun to work on. I love working this large...even if it takes more time than what I'm used to. I got it done! 

Italy oil painting by Jennifer Beaudet of California

My hubby and I just took a trip up to SF and the wine country! (wow there are a lot of wineries here!) It's perfect timing for my next commission I'm working on. The client wants a California winery with poppies incorporated. Well, that's exactly what I saw on our trip and I took a bunch of photos. I knew it would be inspiring but it was beyond that! I had the most amazing time and am so ready to paint! 

Here's some of the California Winery I've done over the years...They're adding up! One is poppies but I'm going to combine them in this next painting. I rarely work straight from a photo. I have an idea of what I want then grab elements from different photos and my imagination. My work is never meant to be super realistic. I want it to have a sense of emotion and a bit of whimsy. I label it impressionism/ modern impressionism but I feel like it's just my own style created from my soul. 

PS...I don't like to get negative, but it seems I have once again made a change that caused a drop in readers. I would say I lost about 200-300 viewers on here (according to my stats). It happened before I made my new site and switched it, so I don't think it's that. I'll just keep going and see what happens. 

To those of you that are reading this, thank you for sticking around through all these years! Your support is so important to me. I'm still Jen Beaudet just with a Z now! 

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