What do you think?

This is one of my latest figures. I'm happy with how she turned out but she went through some changes. I originally painted her nude but ended up adding the little scarf in the end. I also used a palette knife to not only soften some edges but just give the paint a more lively feel. 

A few people on my Facebook weren't happy with the changes, or at least they liked her in the nude better. What do you think? 


Tonal Portrait, Practice makes perfect!

Here's today's painting for my May challenge! It's an 8x10 oil on panel
I'm going to retake the photo because there's too much glare here.

Yesterday's was for a client who wanted a larger version of my previous rooster! I gladly painted it again. It's so much fun to paint the feathers. Kind of like painting the hair in the one above. 

Thanks for following my challenge! 


Jacaranda Love New Maui Purple Tree Art

Jacaranda Love
6x8 inch
available here

Here's Day 4 of my "Painting My Day Away in May" Challenge. Love, love, love jacarandas! Even better when they're on Maui!

This was Day 3 and it went fast! I'm posting on Facebook and instagram first because of the ease. Here's my instagram - @jbeaudet_art and my Facebook is JBeaudetStudios


*blogger brightens the images slightly more than the original 

Update: I have recovered my old website domain name! I lost it in 2017...not sure if it will help but I'm happy about it! 


New Pink Fancy Lady Painting

This pretty lady in pink was inspired by a vintage photo. I believe it's Vogue. The photo was black in white without any flowers. I also made my own interpretation of her face. 
I love vintage fashion! I grew up making paper dolls and admiring my mom's framed hand-painted prints from the Godey's Lady Book and Magazine. And of course my favorite movie is 
Gone With The Wind! The fashions were so beautiful back then. 

This original oil painting is on an 11x14 ampersand gesso board. I ended up naming her
"Blushing Anticipation"…a combination of help from my Facebook friends! 

NEW Website!

Modern Impressionist Field of Flowers

  Available here New art available on my website! I love flowers and I'm not sure what these would be but I hope you enjoy it! This was ...