Palos Verdes View and Poppies!

P.V. View 24x36 oil

This is a very familiar view of my hometown in Torrance, CA. I had originally painted this scene pretty much how it looks in real life but wasn't completely happy with it. It looked a little bland like it needed some pizazz! So….I added a few palm trees, some bougainvillea, and statice (the purple flowers) and a few other minor changes. I like it better now and am inspired to do another in a vertical format. I have several more reference photos to use from my recent trip to Southern California. 
I'm going to be doing more of this area soon for a big commission job. I mentioned it earlier and it's happening!!!!….I just don't know when. haha! Well, right now I have another large commission job for a cityscape! It's going to be a biggy- 30x60 so I've ordered more paint! Don't want to run out (like I did here). 

Now on to the poppies! I took a quick trip down the street to The Highland Art Center this morning for some inspiration. It's a cute little local gallery that I show my work in sometimes. They have the most beautiful garden and picnic there, and at this time of year the Chinese Poppies are blooming like crazy! This town has some history with Chinese people, because of the Gold Rush. We honor them with a Chinese New Year Parade every year, where a few local children dress in a dragon costume and parade down Main Street. There is also The Joss House, an absolutely beautiful Chinese Temple, which is the oldest in California! 

Dance of the Tulips
oil on canvas

All photos by Jennifer Beaudet Copyright © 2014



Susan said...

Hello Jen...The tulip painting is extremely beautiful as well as the beach scene. Love the addition of the purple flowers, especially. Great job! You are more talented than I ever dreamed of being. Susan

Vicki said...

I love the Dance of the Tulips. It is so color-rich and pleasing to gaze upon.

I'm glad when you're missing 'home,' you can paint about it. I love the colorful ice plant or whatever is growing on the hilly area in the left foreground. It's a lovely beach scene but, of course, it's also a lovely place to which you've done it fine justice.

Thanks for the images of our favored-here-in-California POPPIES. I figured we'd have few of our state poppies growing in the wild this year due to drought and, indeed, have seen none, nor lupine either; just some mustard. However, we DID get a spattering of rain about 30 minutes ago; but therein lies the problem - only a spattering. We never get enough rain in SoCal, of late, to do a lick of good!

Have a nice holiday weekend, Jennifer!

Jen Beaudet said...

Thank you Susan! I'm revising some more paintings too. After I look at them I alway se thing I need to change! :)

Jen Beaudet said...

Thank you Vicki! Well, I'll definitely be painting more of my "home" paintings and Hawaii too! The drought is bad here too! They haven't put a ban on watering here but I know the water company in Redding is charging overuse penalties. One lady was charged over $3000 when her normal bill is usually about $60! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great holiday weekend too! It's the unofficial start of summer! :)

Terra said...

I love the orange popping with those poppies, and the touch of purple flowers was a good addition to the beach painting.

Jen Beaudet said...

Thanks Terra! I thought it needed a little something! Thanks for stopping by:)

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