#fridaysketch Party!

Here's my sketch for the week. I think next week I'll be working on some nudes to liven things up for the party! haha Maybe I'll get some people to join me. If you'd like to join me I'm inviting you to post your sketches on my Facebook page

I had a busy week of painting too! 




I think Spring has cured my artist's block. I felt a little lost for a few months, but I'm back on track now and the creativity is flowing again! It must be winter…it happens almost every year. Oh how I wish I could live back in Southern California. It's hard when you're born and raised in the best weather possible and then have to move away. I still haven't given up on my dream of moving to Hawaii either, even though my husband doesn't want to anymore. Maybe he never did. Anyway, we will be moving sometime in the future because neither of us want to live here anymore, but for different reasons. I feel too isolated and he wants out of California. We're in a total disagreement of where to go. I want warm sunshine and a beach, he wants freedom and land. To be continued…

Meantime, I'll be painting away! I'm not sure about my new blog. I really like how it functions and the way it looks, but I can't seem to get you all over there. I understand, I don't like change either, or when things don't work. Hopefully it'll get going. 

Happy weekend! 


Lisa Graham said...

Your sketch is lovely Jennifer and your paintings reveal the beauty and fine weather in California.

I hope you both somehow get to live your dream. I so understand that.

Simple Home said...

I stopped by at your new website. Your paintings are so beautiful and vivid. I especially love the ones of South Bay :) You can take the girl away from the ocean, but you can't take the ocean out of the girl.

I'll try to find you on Instagram. I'm calibeachgal over there :)

obat herbal sipilis said...

very beautiful..


Jen Beaudet said...

Thanks so much Lisa! I thought I had already replied to this, sorry I took so long! Friday Sketch Party is tomorrow again!

Jen Beaudet said...

Thanks so much! That's so true! You can never take the ocean away. It just doesn't work! :)

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