New Romantic Floral

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Wouldn't this piece look great in a cottage chic, shabby chic, romantic style home? I think it would also look great in a beach home too, even traditional decor. Framing it will change the direction it can go. I see all kinds of possibilities. The inspiration for this painting came from my recent trip down the hill to Trader Joe's. I don't always pick up flowers but I saw they had lisianthus and had to have them! The roses were also beautiful and came with a few stems of alstroemeria. I used lots of texture achieved with a palette knife and love the way the glass turned out. I think I'm getting better! This one's my new fav right now but I've already started on a new hydrangea piece. It's a 20x20 so it's not small. This one isn't small either. It's 16x20. You can find all the info about it by clicking on the link right below the image.

 Cindy's 10 Year Blogging Anniversary! Wow!!


VERY Light and Beautiful!
Thank you Sue! I'm trying to "lighten" up! haha I have a tendency to use strong, bright colors and am intentionally trying to paint slightly muted, more grays mixed with pops of color. I appreciate you noticing!
Portraits-by-NC said…
It's such a pretty painting. Whoever buys it is a lucky person!
Sheila said…
So soft and lovely... really love the glass :)

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