Winter's Sun and the year is setting

Wow, has this year flown by! I don't know about you but I'm glad it's over. I've had a great year as far as my art goes but with my mom's health it's been a tough one. Next year will be better and I'm really excited about it! My mom is doing great on her medication so far and the frequent doctor visits have subsided a bit. We don't have to go for a month! We have been going about once a week since September so it will be nice. The drive is no fun! We do make the best of it though and I'll miss our weekly shopping excursions.
In the studio, I'm still working on, working larger. This one is a 16x20 inch acrylic. It's nice to take a break from the oil paints for a bit. But I'm already missing them.


Great post title. Beautiful paintings as always.

Happy New Year, my friend !

Jane x
Thanks Jane! Happy New Year!
Sheila said…
Love both of these. So vivid and such a ... comforting appeal. Wishing you both a wonderful, creative, and healthy New Year! I am so looking forward to seeing your work in 2016 :)
Thank you so much Sheila! I also look forward to seeing your work! Happy New Year!

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