Summer time...

Upcountry is available as a print here

...close up of what's on my easel today

One of my favorites from an online workshop from Richard Robinson

new one...available soon in my Etsy shop

Inspired by my new home in Socal and the hint of and there...It's been a cool one so far but it's only just begun! I'll have my latest available originals posted to my Etsy shop soon. I'm still working on organizing my new "studio". Currently, I'm working outside, which I love. My view looks like some other country. It's amazing! I hope you're all enjoying your summer!


Sheila said…
Love them all Jen :) I really love the light and the sky in the first one. Lovely :)
Thanks Sheila! That first one is one of my favorites probably because I love the jacarandas on Maui!

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