How Will Covid-19 Influence Our Creativity?

Floral Abstract "Hope Through The Mist" by J. Beaudet

Artists over the years have been inspired by turmoil. Uncertain times can bring out the most emotional works of art, and tells a story of the history of that time. Art movements are a reflection of the time. I wonder what this movement will be. Simple times, getting back to basics? An appreciation of nature?

I know, as an artist, I've always been inspired when emotions are high. Sometimes it's been from grief or despair, but also love and the emotions that come from exploring new places. What's happening in our world today, is different. It's brought feelings I've never had to deal with in my lifetime, and I'm sure you're with me when I say I can't wait for it to be over. I'm not sure how life will have changed or how I will have changed, but I do know that my art will change. It's already changing.

I think art in general will change. I don't know what that change will be but that's my opinion. It will be interesting to look back and see what creatives bring to it! And this won't just be visual art, but music and film, theater and of course technology. I have to include that because there are some seriously creative people in the tech world. It's going to be so interesting to see this movement manifest.

This new creation of mine is a new beginning...

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Sheila said...

Beautiful work Jen! Blessings and best wishes!

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