Jennifer Beaudet on Youtube!

Here's a lovely video of my paintings created by Lee Downs of AAA on Facebook. Check it out! 

I'm home again (lockdown)...so I'm going to focus on my art. I just finished a house portrait for a repeat customer. Actually, it's almost finished...just have to add some purple flowers in the front. I think the pink tree came out pretty nice and it make me want to paint some more trees. 

I have a lot of people painting my woman in red "The Night Approaches" Some people contact me to share their copy and I love seeing them but sometimes I just stumble across them on Pinterest. I wish I could set up a way that people can share their copies in one spot. 

Have you tried it? Or do you have any ideas on how to make a sharing spot? 

oil painting of woman in red dress facing away by j Beaudet

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