Loose Bold Floral Painting

 I was given the best gift ever by my daughter and son in law! It's an ongoing subscription of absolutely beautiful flowers sent to my house, directly from the farm! Every month is different and gives me inspiration for a new painting! This one was waiting at my door upon our return from the East Coast! I think it may have been there for a day but was so delighted that it survived and for a long time. 

loose impressionist rose oil painting

I am so thrilled how this one came out. I painted it outside en plein air which allowed me to see the

flowers in natural light. It also helped me be more spontaneous because I didn't want to stand outside too long. I think it took about 1-2 hours. I was in the zone and not watching the time. I used large brushes and then a palette knife in a few areas. I am pleased to have captured the light and impression of these gorgeous blooms! 

plein air oil painting of loose impressionist roses in California

So now on to the next painting. I'm faced with deciding what to paint. I feel like my travels to Europe then Martha's Vineyard have given me so much inspiration that I can't choose just one. Add to that, my daughter's beautiful wedding (I am going to paint her for sure!) So much to paint, so little time.

I feel like I may have an attention deficit disorder because I have a hard time focusing. I'm a little scatter brained. It could be my Hashimoto's, it has so many symptoms I can usually blame everything on it...but that doesn't help solve it. I see some artists on instagram who have everything organized. Their studio, their feed, the whole production from painting to shipping. Is that why they're successful? Is my lack of focus keeping me from reaching my goals? How do you stay focused when there is so much going on, all the time? 

I'm currently taking commissions! Please contact me if you're in treated in learning more.

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