New works on Etsy!

Lady with the Yellow Bouquet
11x14 oil SOLD


niartist said…
I think you have amazing talent! I can't believe that I am JUST NOW finding this blog!? Anyway - following you now, and going over to Etsy to see what else is available! hope you'll find time to stop by my place soon!
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Love them you clever girl..
Is the second your daughter? It reminds me of her.

Take care xx Julie
You're good Julie! It is my daughter; she was modeled for me.
Courtney said…
I really like "After the Dance." She looks so thoughtful, reflecting on her evening.
Oh my, I just love that first painting.
I loved it too much, I had to buy it!
Julie@beingRUBY said…
HI Jennifer!!!

yeah!! lucky Simone..!! I love that first painting too!! something of another era in that lady's pose and clothing.. beautiful

Well I have been too busy this week and just noticed i missed your previous post... I now see your inspiration for your painting of ?? was it Redondo Beach Pier ? Fabulous.

And I love your new banner also!!

have a great Halloween.. xx Julie
Thanks Julie! Yes that was the inspiration for the Redondo Pier. That was a commissioned piece though so my client chose the angle she liked best. I was really pleased with the outcome though! I'm glad you like the banner too! I still need it to be a little longer but it's ok for now! Hope you had a great Halloween too!
Unknown said…
Fantastic! I so enjoyed this read and your work. I will visit often and will spread the word of you work. Bravo!!

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