Two new paintings!


Lemon Study

I finally got everything moved and situated in my new house. I really like it a lot. It has a big yard where our lab can run free and it's on the street right next to our old home we owned a few years ago so it already feels familiar. I have a creek within walking distance and pine trees all around. Although living in the middle of town was convenient I like being away from all the action. It's also nice to be painting again!

My daughter is home from college for a week and then back to summer school. It's such a short visit but so good to see her. We're just hanging out spending time talking. I think I will cut her hair later.

So I found out 2 weeks ago that I have Celiac Disease, Hoshimotos, and adrenal fatigue. I'm glad to know what's been causing all my symptoms but a little overwhelmed with all the changes I have to make. I'm finding it hard to eat out which has always been something I enjoy. Almost everything has gluten in it and it's hidden. But the good thing is I should start feeling better in a few months.


Vintage Home said...

OH Jennifer...the Peonies are stunning! Such a pretty picture!

Jen Beaudet said...

Thank you!

Lorrie said...

I love the lemon study - I have a fondness for tea cups.

So sorry to hear about your health issues, but it's great to know what the issues are so that you can deal with them. I hope you soon feel much better.

Enjoy your time with your daughter!

Terra said...

Dr. Oz on his tv show today had a lot of info on celiac disease, and Elizabeth Hasselhoff (sp.?) was on since she has it and she wrote a book with recipes for that. It was an interesting show. I hope you find excellent treatment.

Vicki said...

Hi, Jennifer; I haven't been blogging for a few weeks and I missed the part about you not feeling well. I hope you start enjoying robust health sooner than later! Luv your peonies! From Vicki in SoCal

Vicki said...

I don't watch The View anymore but I do recall that Elisabeth Hasslebeck (spelling?), who I always remember from one of the early "Survivor" reality shows, has gone very public about her battle with celiac disease; didn't know she'd written a book. She's married to some famous football player; I don't know who he is, as I don't follow football. Anyway, she's apparently very healthy and is a runner, I believe; I think I heard her say once that she started having symptoms of celiac disease when she was college-age. (Isn't she mid-to-late 30ish now?) The one thing I'm sure in your favor is that you've identified it, first and foremost, as I understand that people can go for years and years, wonder what's wrong, but not know it's a gluten problem that needs to be treated. Switching subjects, I have an old high school friend who told me last year he'd been diagnosed with Hashimoto's (again, spelling??!!) and I believe his primary symptom was extreme fatigue. There's just so darn much that can go wrong with the body, but I've also been told that our bodies are resilient and forgiving...and thank goodness this is year 2012 and not 1912 or 1812 when people must have suffered horribly with probably limited-to-no relief. When I was a kid, I had asthma and was allergic to hundreds of foods and environmental allergans and I know my mom was going crazy trying to figure out what foods to give to me. I was diagnosed earlier this year with Type 2 diabetes but with attention to diet and the medicine, I was completely "normal" within 120 days; however, I don't want to backslide, so I carefully shop, select and prepare food, although it took a lot of online research, for me, to figure out the right foods and food combos. Once you have altered diet for any number of diseases, it seems overwhelming to have to think so much about what foods to put in your mouth, realizing what you can never eat again, and how can you buy food out in any kind of restaurant, not knowing exactly how it's cooked and what's in it?! I'm feel'in your "pain," Jennifer! But you'll get in a good eating groove before you know it; you'll feel better!

Jen Beaudet said...

Thanks so much for your support Vicki! I sent you an email:)

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