Roses and Polka Dots!

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I just finished this one for a challenge from Daily Paintworks. The painting was done completely with a palette knife which was a lot of fun. But I think I need to read up a little more on techniques.
Oh and can you tell the roses are from my garden! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Terra said…
Pretty roses and I like the color of the vase.
Thank you Terra! The roses smell so good in my home!
Susan said…
Jennifer....HOW could you do that gorgeous painting with a palette knife? That is SO unique. They are truly gorgeous. Susan
Thank you Susan! It was actually really fun but I was tempted to use a brush but stopped myself. I really like the texture you get with a knife.
Diana Mieczan said…
Those are such a beautiful roses:) You are incredible! Have a great day. xoxo
Great painting technique going on here. You captured the essence of the flowers beautifully with so much life and movement.
Hello there sweet girl!

I JUST BARELY FOUND YOUR ETSY MESSAGE! Sooo sorry....I left you my email there...

PLEASE CONTACT ME!! I would love to talk to you about the subject!


Big, giant hugs! Anita
koralee said…
Oh how lovely!!!! You are ever so talented my friend...I am just loving the colours. xoxoxo
Thank you all for your sweet comments! I think this one looks better in person, they all do, but this one really does. I'm half way done with moving today and can hardly move! I'll post in a few days:)
Anita, I haven't forgotten you. I will get back soon! I would really love to chat:)
Unknown said…
Hi Jennifer, over from Yvonne's blog. I love your work. I started taking painting classes about 4 or 5 years ago and will continue until I am not able. Have done oils but don't care to do those. I like watercolors too. We switch around. Pop over for a visit in my neck of the woods. Central Kentucky. Bluegrass, beautiful horses and bourbon and hospitality. I live in the bourbon capital of the world.
Good morning, beautiful! You know, that fabulous PINK LADY is your signature piece, for every time I look at it, is speaks JENNIFER, en fran├žais!

Do you offer CARDS of her? If not, you must. She is absolutely stunning.

Thank you for visiting me! Anita
tinajo said…
Looks very beautiful! :-)
Thanks so much for all your comments!

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