This is Home...

Here's the painting I just finished for the December Art Cruise in beautiful Weaverville, Ca. This is about 15 minutes away from my house and a very popular fishing spot. 
While I was taking the photos
a man was just reeling in a big salmon. I took a picture of hime but probably should have got his email or something because now I have a nice pic of some guy and his catch of the day.
 It sold within the first day of posting so I guess there's a market for this. I'll be doing more in between my Hawaii and vintage ladies and Italian architecture...

ps I was just admiring my beautiful blog. I love how it looks and owe it all to Julie at If you're reading this Julie, thank you! I never get 
tired of it:)


Susan said…
Ooooooo, very pretty, Jennifer. Looks like a peaceful spot. And yes, your blog is quite beautiful because your paintings are beautiful! Susan
Terra said…
No wonder this painting sold so quickly, it is gorgeous and I like the splashes of golden yellows.
Beautiful! My hubby is very big on fly fishing...he would be happy just to have you pencil him in!!

koralee said…
This is a stunning painting...and you are off to Hawaii??? Have fun lucky one.
Thanks so much! You know how much your comments mean to me. I wish I was going to Hawaii Koralee. I just meant I'll be painting more Hawaii paintings:) But I could sure use a trip to Hawaii soon. It's starting to get that cold and almost snowy feeling here.
Vicki said…
Hi, Jennifer; wow, Weaverville is beautiful but it definitely doesn't look like SoCal beaches! What a change for you.

My husband and I will eventually, in a few years, be leaving permanently to go to a different area and I'm intrigued with how I'll do away from the sea, if that's how it goes. When we lived in the Gulf Coast area for a short time, I was still never more than an hour from the ocean. I don't know if I can transition well to mountain-stream/lake girl, or winter-snow girl, or desert-cactus girl vs. coastal-seashore girl. Still trying to figure it out and make my mind be open to possibilities!

Congratulations on selling this beautiful painting so fast! You did get a lovely look & feel to the clear water of this fishing hole. I would think a painting like this would be a real catch (not to make a pun) for a "local" person who knows the area. Do another one, put a figure of a guy in it reeling in his salmon and watch it sell like hotcakes in your hometown gallery.

I had a former boyfriend who worked in agriculture and he loved old abandoned barns or vintage farm equipment, or just being out on some acreage where a crop was being harvested. I stumbled on a small painting in a local gallery which showcased a farm truck at the edge of a field in our locale, so went ahead and bought it for him. A painting can be so representative of something a person loves, instantly evoking a pleasant memory and good thoughts. Comforting; familiar.

Great job!
Olivier Violin said…
Bravo pour ce merveilleux paysage.
Thank you all! I appreciate your input!

Something strange happened on here. I was signed out and my commented was deleted.
Vicki said…
Jennifer, just checking back in for a moment to thank you for my latest purchases from your etsy store. They are never a disappointment and I love everything I've ever bought from you, which I think number over 20 now, from original oils and watercolors, to prints and your art cards. Your photos highlighting the art for sale are very true, and my only surprise upon receipt of what I've bought is pleasant, because you so conscientiously pack everything for safe shipment. You're such a pleasure to work with and a really great painter. Thanks for brightening my world with your lovely, lovely art!
Erika said…
Very nice. Compliments!
Thanks so much Errica!

Vicki! I'm so happy you love your purchases! I was thinking with how much you ordered that it would feel a little like Christmas! I'm so fortunate to have such a wonderful collector of my art! Thank you!
Hi Jennifer,

What a beautiful painting. I looked up your email address via your blog and send you another Pinterest invite. I am also following your blog and would love it if you followed mine as well.

My blog is and the RSS is on the bottom of the page.
Thanks so much Enzie! I'm following you too now:)
Jane said…
Congrats on the sale Jennifer, the colors are really awesome and the nature seems so uncontaminated, beautiful spot !
Thank you Jane! It is pretty close to uncontaminated:)
Hi Jennifer - the painting sold because it is beautiful and VERY GOOD.
The water is so clear and I love being able to see the stones on the bottom.

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