New Cards and Studio News!

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I'm now offering a whole new line of greeting cards with images of my paintings on them.
These are notecards and they're blank inside so you can use them for anything. I've signed each one and have hand embellished some of them with paint, pen, pencil, and can't forget the glitter!
I'll post those here when I have them ready. I'm selling some in sets but you can select whatever images you want. I'm flexible, just convo me on Etsy or email! 

This is the just the beginning. Eventually I will be offering larger cards and more. 

Now on to the news! Last Friday, while on Facebook, I stumbled upon a contest at Fine Art Tips. It's called Favorite Friday and is graciously hosted by Lori McNee, an amazing artist and social media guru. All you have to do to enter is pick your favorite painting (your own art) and whoever gets the most "likes" wins a 15 minute consultation with Lori. As soon as I posted my painting (the one in the post below) the likes started rolling in! Then she liked it, so her fans saw it and I got more! Then I shared it with my friends. Anyway....I won!!!! I really can't believe it but it's true. So I am having a meeting (on the phone) on Monday! So excited!


Vicki said…
Wow, you've been one busy girl! Lots of exciting news and also a big congratulations. Looking forward to seeing everything and wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, Jennifer!
Thank you Vicki! You too:)
Diana Mieczan said…
Awww...congrats on the win and your cards are stunning. Happy Thanksgiving! Muah
Thank you Diana! Happy Thanksgiving! I need to pop over to your stylish blog and see what I've missed!

Thank you for coming over during the dinner hour! My turkey is still in the oven and I can't wait to eat!

You too are adding more cards to your shop! I have decided that I am going to concentrate on the same thing for a while to see what happens. I wish you the best; your art work is truly beautiful. Anita
Hi Anita! I thought of our conversation when I finished these and made this post. I still have more work to do!
koralee said…
Oh my these are to take a peek...hugs to you.
Hi Koralee! Thank you! Hugs back:)
I am thrilled for you but also think it was well deserved as it is a great painting.
Love your cards. I congratulate you for being a good business woman as well as an artist.
Thanks so much for your nice comments Julie!:)

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