Stormy Days Ahead…


(well, I hope not!)
This one was done as a request to match two other pieces my client had purchased earlier. He asked for a stormy seascape with clouds. It's an acrylic on paper, which you may notice is different from my usual oils. Oils are so much more enjoyable for me to work with, but I like how this turned out in the end. I'm working on my color schemes lately and like the more subdued, moody feel to this one. I didn't have a photograph to work with, so I used several different ones, and made it up as I went along. 



This is beautiful...I could imagine it hanging in a seaside cottage.

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Jen, haven't been here for a while, but my gosh
you are a fantastic painter.
Seascapes are hard to do.. Happy Easter
Thank you Jane! Happy Easter to you and your family too!:)
Thas so much Yvonne! You're not kidding about seascapes being hard to do! You would think that but they are. Happy Easter to you and your family!:)

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