New Tulip Painting!

Here's the finished painting! I asked my friends on Facebook for help with a name. I felt it had a musical quality and Enzie came up with "Dance of the Tulips"! It's the prefect name. I have such a hard time putting my thoughts into words sometimes. I know what I want to say, I just can't come up with the right words. I'm going to retake the photo because the right side had a slight glare which makes it look washed out and grainy.
So for now, it's on to my next painting! I think I'm going to stay with the spring inspiration right now!



Diana Mieczan said…
WOW, it's stunning, lovely! xoxo
Thank you Diana! Nice to see you!;)
Lisa Graham said…
You have to have great patience to paint all those flowers. Stunning piece Jennifer and I especially love the colors in the sky.
Thank you Lisa! It did take some time to paint them but I enjoyed it! )
Vicki said…
Oh, she's a beaut, Jennifer! I was just reading about tulips showing themselves in abundant glory within sight of our nation's capitol in DC. Tulips are wondrous!

Jennifer, my thanks to you on the most-recent, multi-purchase I made from you - plus all your guidance, patience and help on it; I am NEVER disappointed and, as always, was filled with such joy to see each piece revealed as it came out of your ultra-careful, protective packaging. Also as always, safest shipment; no damage; all in perfect condition. The photos of your art here on the website and Etsy are very true to the originals I've just received; and I am equally happy with the giclees as the quality is really fine. I appreciate the card and do forgive me for letting you know so late about all of this! Know that I am so pleased. I am looking forward to finishing up our mini but tedious remodeling so that I can hang your colorful, vibrant, interesting and whimsical, beautiful and fun artwork on my own freshly-painted (white!) walls. Have a terrific week. Paint on!
Thank you so much for the great review Vicki! I'm so glad you're pleased with your recent purchases!
Feel better! :)

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