Final Painting For Kincaid's Restaurant!

Here's the final (approved!) painting going in to Kincaid's restaurant on the pier in Redondo! I really can't wait to see them hanging! This has been an amazing opportunity and so much fun to work with Randy Ruby. Looks like Blogger, or Google, has messed with the saturation on this one and it was hard to get the right hue anyway. The water is a little more grayish teal than it looks here. Well, just know it looks better in person, I promise! 

Things have been busy here for me in the studio. I just finished this one today and am already starting my next commission. After that, I have 3 more confirmed and possibly 2 others! I think I may need to post that I won't be able to promise any for Christmas. I figure I'm about 3 months booked now. Never thought this would happen…but I'm not complaining! 

I had some very bad news about a week ago. I had been waiting for months now to find out if my mom had uterine cancer and the labs just came back positive. She has a great attitude about it all but it's just not something you want to have to go through. I'm very close to her and it's not easy, but am being strong for her. The good news is she's having the surgery at UC Davis, where her granddaughter lives! So we'll be able to see her then. My sister is also coming up from L.A. 

So that's what I'll be doing for a while and painting my commissions. I may be able to squeeze in one of my French inspired paintings, but am not sure. 



Terra said...

How great for you to be busy with commissions and to see your painting hanging soon in the restaurant. Best wishes for your mom and her treatment.

Jen Beaudet said...

Thank you Terra! It's a strange time right now. It's really nice to see you here:)

Susan said...

Your finished painting is beautiful, Jen. Just absolutely beautiful.

I am SO SORRY about your Mom's diagnosis. That is never easy to go through. I'm so glad you are there for her during this difficult time. Susan

Jen Beaudet said...

Thank you Susan:) I really appreciate your comment. It's going to be hard to go through this but we're a close family so that will help.

Vicki said...

Congrats on all the work. It's pressure, but it also means your career is going great.

I'm glad you can rally as a family for your mother. It's the kind of circling-of-the wagons concept which, to me, meant when the pioneers were coming across the American prairie in the 1800s and ready to turn in for the day, they'd sort of close themselves in, bordering themselves for whatever protection was needed and to feel more secure. When your family gathers and circles around you, it's like a protective cloak when life is so uncertain and you, as the patient, feel vulnerable. I am a cancer survivor and it's a tough mental/physical battle, made easier if you have a lot of love. Remember, Jennifer, they have a lot of lifesaving procedures, powerful and effective drugs plus remarkable surgeries to help us women in this day and age, so take heart. I send healing thoughts for you and your mom.

Jen Beaudet said...

I love that concept Vicki! Thank you for your support! We won't find out more until sometime in September, I think.

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