New Peonies Painting!

Vintage Shells and Peonies

This painting is "me", full of my favorite things. I love the Shabby Chic, French Country, Romantic style. It has an old vintage feel to it because of the palette,  which I love. This is definitely a palette I would like to stick with for a while.


Susan said…
Jennifer, your latest work is breathtaking. It is just a delight and joy to look at it.

I love seeing the world of a truly talented painter and that is you! Susan
Terra said…
Great colors and this is a happy painting cuz it makes me smile.
Thanks Susan! I'm so grateful to have you here!
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Thank you Terra! I sure appreciate your visits!:)
I love everything about that painting. I would love it myself.
Thanks for sharing it is so beautiful
Vicki said…
Jennifer, I like it that your paintings are bright. 'Way back in the day, when I first saw you share with, I think, My Romantic Home, what drew my eye in, where you were with a slew, and I mean A LOT, of other contributors, were your bright, cheery, colorful, Impressionist paintings. I'm so glad I have so many of them; you know how much I love your work!! I think because I generally go with a white-walled home since I do in fact have so much (too much) art and photography of all kinds, I need/want/have COLOR and, although I respect and admire other people's neutral-color homes because it's very calming, bright color just makes me happy...and I've been that way from childhood, when I'd lust after every color of crayola ever made (remember the big box of crayons which had a sharpener built right into the back of the, you probably weren't born yet; it was the 'old days'!!). I think you should go with what you feel. Bright is okay. Subdued colors are okay. Just keep painting, that's all!
Thank you Janice! We must have similar tastes:)
Thanks Vicki! I'll keep painting for sure and I'm sure I'll still be using bright colors! …with some subdued palettes in there too:)

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