I finished the Challenge!

Thank you Leslie Saeta for hosting this challenge! I don't have all the paintings prepared to post in this collage, yet, so I'll have to do that later. This has been a great learning experience for me and has also helped get me into a habit of painting everyday! Thank you all who found something special to add to your home! Out of this bunch, eleven have sold and I think one from the bunch I haven't posted yet. I did want to keep them all similar but ended up doing some quick watercolor "sketches" for lack of time. I'm still working on several commissions along with all of these. 

I hope that this challenge can help me focus in one direction. I'm jotting down a plan of action right now. If anything it's renewed my momentum to keep pushing forward! 
I think most artists struggle with this at times, (at least I think they do). It's not an easy business to pursue, that's for sure. Putting your art art out there is like putting a piece of your soul out for the world to see! 

Thanks so much for following me on my journey! 



Sheila said…
Jennifer, I have so enjoyed seeing your paintings each day! There is such a warmth to your work. Congratulations on your sales! Hope to see you in the January challenge :) (and of course in between too)
Thank you Sheila! I love the abstracts you did! :)
Suzanne Gibson said…
You've kept me inspired, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing your story, through your brush and canvas. Painting every day is a challenge, but a good one.
Getting time to catch up. Your paintings are so beautiful Jennifer. And as always I love the way you use color.
Thanks Suzanne! I'm happy to have inspired you. You inspire me too!:)
Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by Julie! Your use of color is the best so I'll take that as a great compliment from you! Thank you!

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