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I'm participating in Show and Tell Friday here!


I love this...your florals are so pretty, they remind me of the Impressionists!

Maui! Yay! I haven't been to Hawaii since our honeymoon 25 years ago! Before a tropical vacation I go tanning a few times just so I don't burn my first time out. Self tanner is great, too, Lancome makes a good one. I am so excited for you!

Thank you Jane! I might try the Lancome one; there other products are so good it must be too. Thanks so much for your sweet comments!
Diane said…
Beautiful painting--always love you style.
And Hawaii--ahh--a dream vacation for me--have a wonderful time!
Marsi said…
This is beautiful. Discovering you via my homegirl Tish. Lovely work.

Bon voyage to you!

Lorrie said…
I've been scrolling through your blog and am off to your Etsy shop next. What beautiful work you do. I love the florals.

Self-tanner never works for me. I've tried a couple and always turn out orange.

A trip to Maui sounds like a wonderful getaway!
Lorrie said…
I neglected to mention that I came over from Tish's blog. I'm grateful to her for introducing you to us.
I was directed to your blog via Tish Jett and I love your florals....
I am going over to your etsy shop now.
Enjoy your upcoming trip, Hawaiii will certainly inspire you!
Thank you all for visiting from Tish's blog! She's so creative and stylish, I'm honored to have my paintings as her giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

Hi Diane! Thanks so much for stopping by. You're an inspiration!
Anonymous said…
I came over from Trish's site as well and I am so happy that I did. Went first to Etsy and now here. I LOVE your artwork. Just beautiful.
Kathy (aka anonymous)
Russian Chic said…
I was directed to your blog via Tish Jett.
Your florals have such a feminine energy... Love them all!
California Girl said…
Enjoy Maui! What part of the island?

I've always loved floral art. Found you on "A Femme...". I would like to participate in her chance to win one of your paintings.
Thanks so much for your comments!
andiamo! said…
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andiamo! said…
So glad to be introduced via Tish-- your work is lovely!
I found you through My Romantic Home linky. I am an artist too and specialise only in painting flowers. I love your art and wish that I could loosen up and paint like you. I paint in a painstakingly slow method but looking at your art makes me want to experiment a bit when I have finished my latest peice.

My paintings are huge though, they were 1.2 - 1.5 metres, I have only just started painting smaller and that to me is 1 metre still.

I have added myself as a follower and will check out your Etsy shop this weekend. I like to feature artists on my blog too.

Thanks so much for your comments Lee. I sometimes have to hold my self back from working tight. It's definitely a conscious decision to keep it loose and painterly. I really enjoy it. I'm starting to do abstracts now to "loosen" things up even more! It's a challenge for sure! I would love to be featured on your blog!
Thanks again Lee:)
Giggles said…
Love your colors and style!! Going to have a boo at the rest of your blogs now!! Have a fabulous vacation!!

Hugs Giggles

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