I'll call her Spring...

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She just reminds me of Spring so I'm calling her "Spring 1". The "1" because I might do more like this. 
If you've been following my art for awhile then you know I'm not that creative when it comes to titles.
It's even a chore to title my blog posts sometimes! 
I hope everyone is having a great week. Mine is going great. I managed to find the perfect pair of white linen capris for my trip (among other things) And the best thing was, when I got to the checkout counter
I found out they were 1/2 off! So I got another pair. 

We should be announcing the winner by Friday so please check back.
Ok...take care!


artofandrewdaniel said...

Lovely job on the portrait! The lines are have a great presence!

Diane said...

Both of these are lovely, and so right on for the season--I think you should do more portraits like this...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OMGOODNESS Jennifer, your work is outstanding. Her expression is flawless as her skin. She is truly spring with a fresh look to her way. Water colouring is a MYSTERY TO ME!!!

And thank you for your visit and kind words! Anita

Blondie's Journal said...

These are so pretty! You did a lovely job on the portrait, she looks like a fresh faced English girl!

Funny. I just ordered and received 2 pairs of linen capris for my trip next month. I think I got a good price on them! :)

When do you leave?


Vicki said...

Looks like more watercolors from you; terrific! Oh, Jennifer, I am so, so pleased with the art I bought from you in your etsy store! They arrived in perfect shape and I love seeing them up close and personal for the first time. The duplications/prints are really fine but, oh my gosh, the treat of my very own original watercolor from you is really special; the detail in the original artwork is incredible, much more than I'd anticipated from seeing the views online. This will take some careful framing on my part, probably/maybe with a professional, to do justice to the art. It's been a pleasure; keep painting! You're really talented.

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