Redondo Beach Artist Jen Beaudet Zondervan


Here's my latest painting of the Redondo Beach Pier. This one is really large compared to other ones I've been doing lately. It took me a while to get the colors of the pier the way I wanted them but I'm happy with it now. I miss this many great memories.

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koralee said…
I just had to pop over and tell you how much I love this painting...such a wonderful place. xoxo
Thanks so much Koralee! It means a lot to me:)
Lorrie said…
It's beautiful - love the waves.
Love the colors, looks like a wonderful place to spend a day.
You did your self a fine painting, love it.
Thanks so much for your comments and support! This one took a lot more time than my little ones. I tried to make the colors vibrant and cheery but also wanted to keep them somewhat "neutral" so that it would fit easily in a beachy decor.
You managed to capture the colors beautifully, Jennifer. It was lovely to see it as I lived out near there in the eighties and it brought nback memories. '
Great job on the water too!
Thanks for your comments! I have so many different paintings I want to do, I just can't get them done fast enough! I'm on hold for a few days though because this big painting wiped out all my white paint!
Kellie Collis said…
What a gorgeous view! Have a wonderful start of the week, Kellie xx

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