Tropical Dream 2

 original sold Art by Jennifer Beaudet Zondervan

This is a painting I did a few months ago and thought I'd revise some things about it. I started out just wanting to lighten up a few palm fronds but ended up changing the color
everywhere. I liked it before, but now I love it. I hope you do too! I hope everyone had a fun Independence Day Celebration! Mine wasn't quite as much fun as when I was a kid or even a teenager but it was good. We went to my mom's and bbq'ed. The fireworks were on Saturday so I watched them on tv! Last year I was at the beach with my daughter.  Maybe next year!


Love the colors -wish I was there!
Erika said…
I like colors very much. Have a nice w.e.
A big hug from Italy
Hi my friend from Italy! Thanks so much for taking time to comment Erica! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too:)

I love that you took the time and courageous step to CHANGE what you already liked. BUT now because of your revisions, you actually LOVE it now. I DO TOO!!! Thank you for visiting and for also posting such a refreshing picture. You know, we had a bad heat wave all last week but now we are off to a much better week of mid 80s......

I see all your gorgeous art here on the sidebar...have you ever thought about SPOONFLOWER???? Are you familiar with that site where you can enter your art and MAKE FABRIC FROM IT?????? I could see your scenery in lovely fabric for summer wear! Just a thought!!! BISOUS, Anita
Oh! That sounds fun Anita! I had never heard of that site what will definitely check it out! Thank you:)

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