New Vintage Dress Painting!

I revised this painting and it's now in a private collection
Revisiting my vintage dress paintings the other day inspired me to do a large one. The dress I used for reference was a vintage prom dress or maybe a wedding dress but I updated it a little with the floral appliqu├ęs that I love so much in today's bridal styles. I love to watch "Say Yes To The Dress" and am so inspired by the dresses on there. I know, I'm a dork...but I just love that show. I also love weddings and would get remarried every year if I could! I am really happy with how this painting turned out. I had been wanting to do something like this for a long time but I think I wasn't ready until now.

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The beautiful gray is set off bythe rest of the colors you so cleverly put in.

Not a dork at all. I think we need something just plain old relaxing where we do not have to "think" just admire. Mine id HGTV!
HaHa! I love HGTV too Julie! House Hunters has always been a favorite of mine. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my work!
Melissa Blake said…
I love how whimsical it is! xoxo
koralee said…
I love this painting...your dress paintings are always among my favourites. Hope your week is going well. xoxo
Thank you both for taking the time to comment! It means so much to me! Have a wonderful rest of your day!
THERE SHE IS!!!!!!! Oh dear, she is fab. And thank you for coming to see my dress forms and my blog post! Oh Jennifer, I wish you well my sweet artist! Anita
Thank you Anita! I'm painting a close up of a rose today. Definitely a challenge with all the petals! I hope your day is wonderful!
Diana Mieczan said…
Oh boy, its beautiful. The colour and the share is simply stunning:) You are so talented. Muah
Thanks so much, Diana. I'm so happy to have you stop by. Have a great weekend!
Vicki said…
Jennifer, hi; you're not a dork for loving fashion or shows about fashion! I'm a woman of a certain age now, not trying hard enough to be fashionable, but I love to read about fashion and have followed blogs that focus solely on Michelle Obama's wardrobe, Kate Middleton in England...and I'm crazy with Janice's blog called The Vivienne Files where she creates incredible ensembles of clothing. I've amassed all kinds of books at home on fashion and I even love paper dolls and Barbie (the couture dolls from Barbie Collector/Mattel). If I could afford beautiful vintage and modern designer clothing, I'd keep them on wheeled racks in my home (like Vera Wang) just so that I could stare at them as "art" every day, rather than have them shut up in a closet. There's such an array of gorgeous, lush fabrics for today's fine clothes and nothing trumps wonderfully-crafted clothing. I love this latest from you--can't you just picture yourself wearing this dress at a sumptuous party at an elegant mansion, with a crystal flute of matching-color champagne? It's lovely and creative, sparkly and and frothy.
Hi Vicki! I'm glad I'm not alone! I used to make paper dolls as a very young child and my sister and I played "Barbies" all day long. We used to have fashion shows. I guess this is where my inspiration come from. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
k said…
it's gorgeous!
Thank you Krystal! I plan on painting some more of these with a more subtle background. I'm thinking of doing custom wedding dress paintings like this.

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