This is a painting of one of my favorite places in Redondo Beach, where I grew up. It's a popular restaurant that has proven to be a popular subject as well. This painting sold in about 2 seconds after I posted it! I'm definitely going to paint more of this area.


Terra said…
Two seconds is a fast sale, and this painting has charm to the max.
Thanks Terra! I was pretty excited by how fast it went!
Thanks so much for stopping by! I need to go see what your up to and how your garden is!
Jane said…
Wow what a success ! It IS a great painting !
Thank you Jane! I enjoyed painting it because of the nostalgia this place holds for me.
koralee said…
What a lovely my dear can capture ANY thing and make it the colours you use. xoxo Hugs
Susan said…
I can see where that lovely painting would get snatched up immediately,Jennifer. I can't imagine you could keep any of your gorgeous paintings for long. Susan
Hi Koralee! Thank you for comment! I can think of few things I need help painting but hope someday I will be able to paint anything:) I just need to keep painting:)
Have a wonderful weekend! hugs
Thank you Susan! I'm always so thrilled when one of my paintings sells this quickly! I have a few that have been around for sometime:)
Have a great weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by:)

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