My Muse...

in private collection
I've found my muse and she was right in front of me all this time! My daughter was nice enough 
to pose for me in this beautiful red kimono I borrowed from my mom. I have a few more pieces I'd like to do for this series. Hopefully I don't get sidetracked! I still have the spring blossoms I promised earlier. I haven't found a nice place to paint yet. I'm waiting for the dogwoods to bloom! 
I was going to post the progression of this piece and somehow the photos are stuck on my phone. I've transferred them before so I don't know why I can't this time. I'm hoping to get them posted. 

Enjoy your beautiful spring day! 

In my garden:)

I have endless inspiration around me right now! These little beauties are going to be on canvas soon! 
And now I just discovered some beautiful deep purple irises starting to bloom. 


I love this, Jennifer. Your daughter's true beauty is so evident. A series would be wonderful!

Terra said…
Your muse / daughter is beautiful, and this is a tranquil scene.
Susan said…
Oh Jennifer, your muse is just beautiful. I LOVE that red kimono, too. Soooo lovely.

You are extremely talented and I love your work. I know I've said that before but I mean it. Susan
Enzie Shahmiri said…
The painting turned out really nice Jennifer.
Olivier Violin said…
Bonjour Jennifer :)
C'est une merveilleuse peinture, élégante et romantique...
The best one yet. You are Great, love, love, love it.

Wow! Thank you all for so many nice comments! I guess I'm on to something good here.

I wasn't sure if I really liked this one because of the subject matter, being my daughter,
Thank you!
Thank you Blondie! I will definitely be doing more. I have one where she's brushing her hair that I want to do and a few more.

Thank you Terra! I'm going to tell my daughter what you said:)

As the amazing portrait artist that you are Enzie, your comments mean so much! Thank you
Thank you Susan! I will never grow tired of hearing your praises! :)
Bonjour Olivier! Thank you! I don't even have to translate it to figure out what you said! Thank you so much for your comments!
Thank you Linda!
Yvonne, what a compliment! Thank you!

I'm doing more for sure!

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