Roses and Cherries 2...maybe 3


I just completed this commission for one of my awesome collectors! It's a 12x12 canvas. I did one very similar to this one a few years back on an 8x8 canvas. I just bought some larger square canvases and can't wait to get started on them. Now,  I just have to decide what to paint on them.

I have one more commission I'm working on for a client. It's a large hydrangea painting. I'll share it here with you all when I finish it. I hope everyone is week and enjoying the weekend!
The weather has been pretty hot here so I've been inside for the most part. Heat seems to really bother me now. I need to live somewhere where the weather is moderate year round. That would be Southern California. Now if I could only get my husband to follow me there! 
Oh well, I guess I'll just stay inside for now.


Blondie's Journal said...

How about Hawaii? ;-D

I love the painting, the reds are so vibrant!


Susan said...

Hello Jennifer....Lovely painting, as always.

My beautiful peony print arrived and I couldn't be more THRILLED. I love, love, love it.

Thank you SO MUCH. Susan

Enzie Shahmiri said...

Jennifer it is a beautiful painting. Your client must be so happy! Congratulations :)

Jen Beaudet said...

Hi jane! That's a great idea! Can't go wrong with that:)
Thank you!

Jen Beaudet said...

Hi Susan! I'm so happy you like (love) your print! Thank you for letting me know!:)

Jen Beaudet said...

Thank you Enzie!

La Petite Gallery said...

I see that most Artist's make prints of the original. I'll have to think about that.. Glad to see there are others that love your beautiful art.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Jennifer! How nice to see you visit! Thank you for leaving a comment to let me know you came by. OH YOU know how I feel about your work and you have captured my favorite colors here with one of my favorite fruits!

You are a busy painter and I am so thrilled for you. I cannot wait for all to be done on my end and to see your work in person. Many hugs and thanks for everything! Anita

Jen Beaudet said...

Thank you Yvonne!

Jen Beaudet said...

Hi Anita! I can't wait for you to receive your painting! Thank you!

Carolina said...

So beautiful... :)

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