Jacarandas in Maui!

Upcountry in Bloom

Here's my latest painting of the Jacaranda trees in Maui! I just love the color of these beautiful trees! I was in Maui over a year ago now and we drove all over the beautiful countryside in search of these trees. I went down this exact street but it didn't look like this. The trees weren't blooming...and everything seemed a little dry. I was lucky enough to have discovered a wonderful photographer from Maui on Facebook. His name is David Schoonover. I contacted him to ask if I could use his photos of the Jacaranda trees as reference for a painting. He said ok! He actually ended up being from a town not far from me! It's such a small world. I was so glad I asked him! I didn't want to copy his work but use it as a reference so I went on Google maps and took a tour through Upcountry on Maui until I found the same street. Believe me, it took a while but it was fun! I found other paintings I want to do later.

google maps reference

I just discovered another resource for photos that are ok to use. Richard Robinson gave the tip on his website. It's called, appropriately, "Paint my Photo", and has many photos that members have uploaded for other artists to use. My ideal would be to bring my easel to Maui and plop it down right in front of that tree and paint the day away...but reality sets in, and until that day comes, I'm happy to have these great resources and gracious photographers available to me!


Vicki said...

So beautiful, Jennifer! It's nice that you've found a way to bridge the gap when you can't be painting onsite (isn't that called plein aire painting, or something like that?). A favorite painting of my husband's was done by a friend of my father's off of a Christmas card; I was convinced he'd been in Maine on a fall day out in the country!

We are in intense heat here in SoCal; I'm sure we touched in at 100 degrees mid-to-late afternoon. The hills are fried and the lovely jacs are starting to go away although they've given us purple glory since May and, after all, they ARE a drought-resistant tree. My FAVE tree for, when they're not blooming in purple profusion, they are green all the rest of the year; LOVE THEM.

Congrats on another fine painting, so easy on the eyes.

Jen Beaudet said...

Hi Vicki! Thanks for stopping by! It would be ideal to be able to paint in Maui en plein air! That's my dream! But until then, I have to rely on my own resources. I've taken so many photos so I don't think I'll run out anytime soon.
Jacarandas are such beautiful trees. I read they are originally from Brazil!
Stay cool Vicki!

La Petite Gallery said...

I have seen the Jacaranda trees in Florida , that is a gorgeous painting..

Jen Beaudet said...

Thank you Yvonne! I guess they need to be in a year round moderate climate because they don't have them where I live. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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