Back on the Farm

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This colorful guy was inspired by some photos I took while on Kauai a few years back.
Did you know they have chickens (and roosters) running around all over the place there? I read that they escaped when they had a hurricane (I think it was in the 80's) and now they're wild. 
They seem to get along just fine on their own over there in paradise. 

I used a palette knife for the majority of this painting along with an angled flat no. 6 brush.
Thanks for looking!:)


Vicki said...

Look at the eye on that guy; you really captured an expression there! I had no idea about wild chickens and roosters on Maui; kinda fascinating, huh. There's somewhere down in L.A. that has something similar with a particular neighborhood or enclave with all kinds of domestic/exotic birds (not wild birds of the area per se) like parrots, etc. which escaped cages somewhere decades ago; I wish I knew the whole story and hope I have that right or semi-right, but apparently they just live in the trees, in like 'normal' neighborhoods...

I think this is a really terrific painting, Jennifer. Awesome job as usual!

Jen Beaudet said...

Hi Vicki! It's Kauai island that has the wild chicks, I might not have said that. They're everywhere and wake you up bright and early! I know of wild exotic birds in Redondo Beach. I think they might be lovebirds or little parrots, not sure. But they fly around in their flocks and make lots of noise. Then there are the wild peacocks in Malaga Cove and Palos Verdes area. They pretty but noisy and very bold. They would walk into your house if you left the door open!
Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my painting!:)

Vicki said...

Ah, Redondo; I bet that's it. Probably where I heard the story because that's where my grandparents lived many moons ago. I was sure it was parrots!

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