Lazy Lavender Afternoon...

available here

This painting is an 8x8 oil, on gallery wrapped canvas with painted sides, so it's ready to display! I tried to warm up the colors in this one so I used orange as a mother color. 
I also used a palette knife for most of it and an angled flat no. 6 brush here and there. 
I'm trying to discipline myself to paint at least one a day. These smaller canvases are 
perfect for that but I still need to work on larger ones too.
 So...we'll see if I can keep it up. I'm starting a commissioned piece right now 
with rich beautiful colors just in time for fall. After that trees:)


Vicki said...

It does look like a shimmery, warm, summer afternoon.

Incidentally, received my purchases from you today; thank you for wrapping them so carefully; I love all of it, ESPECIALLY "The Bather" so thank you, thank you as always; of all the many pieces of art I've bought from you over time, I have never, ever been disappointed. You are a pleasure to deal with and I think you are very talented. Thanks again, Jennifer!

Jen Beaudet Z said...

Hi Vicki!
I'm so glad you received your art and are so happy with it! That makes my night:) I'm also glad you like the "bather"! You're a very dear collector!:)
...They probably were parrots:)
Have a great night, Vicki, and take care!

Thanks so much!

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