Sunset Stroll...

Here's a commission I'm finishing up this weekend. I still need to paint the figure in and work a little more on the background. I just really love the colors in this. I started it with a very colorful acrylic canvas. That way I didn't have to worry about any white peaking through.
 It's making me want to go to the beach, but that's nothing new. Thank goodness it's a sunny day here today...even though we desperately need rain here in California!  



Sheila said…
Woke up to damp sidewalks here in the Temecula valley. (So. Cal.)
Susan said…
It's beautiful, Jennifer. Absolutely breathtaking, really.

I didn't even know there was such a thing as a "colorful acrylic canvas." What a great idea.
Vicki said…
Hi, Jennifer; love's just a riot of sunset color.

I emailed you a few minutes ago about my purchases; have a look, ok?
Good heavens...that is BEAUTIFUL! And....I knew it. I knew that I was going to accidentally leave out some fabulous people in my list of HEARTists...and I did...I forgot my beloved JENNIFER! AH! I am putting you on my list now! I have received so many compliments on your painting in my house that I have fondly name, Les Trois Dames....oh Jennifer, thank you for the to go add you to my list. BISOUS! Anita
Hi Anita! Thank you so much! That is really unexpected but I'm so grateful and honored to be included! I'm so happy you get compliments on your portrait but it's YOU so of course you do! :) I love the name you've given her!(I need to go look up what it means) Have great weekend!
Thank you Sheila! We've been getting a little rain here too and I hope it continues! :)
Hi Susan! Thanks so much for your visit and kind words! I actually paint the colorful acrylic canvas before I apply the oil paint. I just can't remember what that's called at the moment! I usually paint just one color but this time I painted an acrylic wash resembling a sunset. It actually looked pretty good for just being a quick wash but it gave a nice base to this. Jen:)
Hi Vicki! I read your email and will try to get back this weekend. Thanks so much! Jen:)
Les Trois Dames....THE THREE LADIES!

Jennifer my dear, thank you for coming to visit again! Hugs to you on this "warm" day in Minneapolis: 20F above zero! YIPEE!
Ah! Well that name is perfect! Thank you Anita:) Try to stay warm! Jen:)

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