Wet Paint!

Fresh off the easel! Well...actually it's still on it. This one was done with a palette knife and brushes in oil. I used a Ray Mar hard panel board on this one and it an 11x14 inch. 



Terra said…
Pretty lady and scene.
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi dear Jennifer
Happy new year ( can't remember if I've said so yet been such a slacker)
Love this change to darker hues it seems to give depth and more focus on the subject
Hope you are well ciao ciao xxx julie
Hi Julie! Happy New Year! You're safe with me if you already told me because I can't remember anything! Thanks for your comments! I agree with you about the darker hues. It was hard for me to resist using bright colors. :)
So good to hear from you! I hope everything is going good for you too!
Jennifer it looks lovely - I like your color choices!
Vicki said…
Is your daughter your muse? The titian/red-hued hair!
Thank you Enzie! I wasn't sure and had to keep toning it down but I'm so glad it worked!
Hi Vicki! My reference photo was of my daughter but I tried to make it not look like her because she doesn't like modeling. It didn't work, still looks like her:) I took the photo after I did an up do on her when practicing hair styling.
Vicki said…
Well, you sure did a good job of it all because it's a beautiful painting!

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