Finished my Palos Verdes, California Coastal Painting!

I'm not used to painting this large and it taking so much time. I tried to rush it posting my progress everyday, which I will continue to do. However, I need to take a step back, give it a few days before I post it for sale. I ended up making a few changes to make the diagonal lines less prominent by adding some curves. Sometimes when I'm not sure of what to change, I go to my favorite workshop site, Richard Robinson's The Complete Artist. The people on there are always helpful and sometimes, if I'm lucky, I get input from Richard, himself! Michael Severin, is so knowledgeable about painting and design, I always learn something from his help! 



Thank Terra! It's so nice to see you here!:)
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Jennifer
Happy New Year!!! Hehe I'm such a slacker can't remember if I've popped in or not

Love the changes between this and last version. Much more movement in the sea is great.

Hope you are well ciao Julie
Arthur said…
Jennifer, I think you nailed it. Is this plein aire? and are you using acrylics and/or oils?
Hi Julie! Good to see you here!! I hope you're doing well! Thank you for noticing the movement in the waves, it really did look too stiff before. It's hard getting the emotion and movement in my larger paintings but I'll get it. Just have to practice more!:)

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Thank you Arthur! It means a lot to me! I did this one from reference photos but I think I'll be visiting in a few weeks and would love to paint some plein air! There's so much inspiration there! I will definitely use a smaller canvas though!

Lisa Graham said…
It's so vibrant and beautiful captured the vastness of the ocean.
Oh, Arthur, it's an oil! Sorry I forgot to mention that earlier! :)
Thank you Lisa! I'm still learning how to get the same feel in a large painting as I can in a small one, not easy for me! Thanks so much for your comment!:)
Jennifer it has turned out lovely! Good idea about waiting a bit before posting for sale. It help discover some of the things we missed the 1st time around.
Vicki said…
I just wish I was there...period! Want to be on that beach! I like how in the very far distance, it almost looks a little coastal-foggy which is what often seems to hang off our SoCal coastline. And you really got it down on the waves breaking toward the sandline. What an absolutely gorgeous painting; I wish you could just keep it for yourself! It's a keeper/keepsake.
Thank you Enzie! Yes, I always learn the hard way! I get to anxious to share too!:)
Thank you Vicki! I had to add the fog because it really is always there or at least it seems like it! I may just end up keeping it…if no one buys it!:)

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