Day 3 Bougainvillea Love

The Sunny Side
8x8 inch
Blick canvas panel

This is another little painting inspired by my friend on face book's travel photos. I cropped in close on this scene and made the bougainvillea blooming a little more than it was at that time. I was drawn to this scene for the stairs, the flowers, and the sunny warmth on the stone walls. Off to paint my next one! 


Hi Jennifer,
I LOVE bougainvillea …. something that we can really only grow in the greenhouse here in the UK { although, it can be brought outside in the Summer months }. It always looks so beautiful when grown in hot countries where it can be so prolific. A wonderful subject for a painting. I wonder what the subject of your next piece will be ? XXXX
Sheila said…
Wonderful textures and light, such a beautiful scene!

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