hmmm…trying to figure it out

I did something wrong. I'm not sure if I clicked the wrong button in my settings, or maybe it was something I said (I tend to get a little opinionated sometimes…something I'm working on! haha) Whatever it may be my views have dropped. I guess it could be what I'm posting or how often, maybe blogging is out of style. Anyway, for the new year, as I mentioned in my previous post, I'm working on a new website and hoping you will all follow me there! I hope to have it up in about a week (if all goes well) Now…back to my sleuthing…was it because I deleted some old photos? I realized the files were quite large with no watermarks on them. I work hard and don't want anyone stealing that hard work! I offer prints for a very reasonable price at FineArtAmerica. I think it might be because I deleted all of those photos form my old posts…ugh! I'll try and put them back with watermarks on them and see if that helps. 



Susan said…
Hi Jennifer...Many times, my visitors drop in number, too. I blog for the joy of, I like having a record of my life with writing and photos. Don't know if grandkids would be interested once I kick the bucket, but if they are, the posts are written. Ha!

As I've told you many times, I think you are a wonderful artist. Glad to hear you are working on a new website. Susan
Janet Ghio said…
What a gorgeous painting!! I think blogging is just becoming obsolete-the visitors to my blog have fallen way off--I think people have gotten lazy with being able to just click "like" on FB so don't bother to leave comments anymore. I get your blog by email, so often don't come to the actual blog to leave a comment.
Hi Janet! I sure appreciate your comment! I think you may be right about how easy FB has made it to show you like something. I know I'm guilty of that myself! Thanks so much for stopping by! Let's connect on FB if you'd like! I'm here-

I'm trying to set up my new website with lots of share buttons and easy interactions!:)
Thank you Susan! I think your grandchildren would love to read your posts! That's a wonderful thought:) I sure appreciate your comments and encouragement! You're so sweet:)
Portraits-by-NC said…
Don't get me started on visitor numbers, I start to twitch and get ticks! LOL

I can't offer help as to why numbers dropped, but just continue doing what you have been doing. I am sure it will all pick up again. By the way if you can add google comments to the new site. Those can be shared on FB as well, if you ask me how I walk you through it. :)
Haha! Ok, I don't feel as bad knowing you and just about everyone else deals with the same thing from time to time!:) I might take you up on your offer for help with the google comments. Thanks Enzie!:)

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