Impressionist poppies oil painting

Through the Poppies

I revised this painting from a few months ago. changed the flowers, added a path and a cute little cottage. I'm finally happy with. I used a palette knife completely on this one, except for the lower hills. That's the only area I didn't retouch. It's an 18x24 inch so it's just the right size for any spot! 

I'm excited to be working on a new website but remember what a hard time I have making little choices like the font to use. I have no problem when working on a painting, even abstract, but when it comes to graphic design I'm overwhelmed with all of the choices! 

I'll let you all know when it's done and hopefully you'll join me over there! 



Blondie's Journal said...

This is one of your best yet...and with a knife!

I am so inept with computers...yet I can work a power drill. We all have talents that would seem to relate (as far as figuring things out) but they don't always. If you need help, I have a few gals that do this cheap.

Happy New Year!

Jane x

Jen Beaudet said...

Thank you Jane! Happy New Year!
I may need to take you up on that! I'm using Wordpress (recommended by too many to not use) so it's a whole new world! Stay tuned...


Susan said...

Exquisite, Jen. Just exquisite.

Yes, please keep me informed about where to find you.

Happy New Year! Susan

Jen Beaudet said...

Thank you Susan! I will definitely keep you informed:) I think I'll keep this blog but will have a new one too. I'm not sure yet.:) Happy New Year!

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