Making Some Changes…to peony painting

You can see the latest changes to my peonies painting by clicking here!  

This will take you to my new blog and website, I'd love to have you join me over there:) 

PS The giveaway is still going on in case you missed it! 

See you there! 


The painting is so pretty! Heading over to your new glad you worked it out!

Jane x
Terra said…
I didn't see how to follow your new blog. Love the peony painting.
Thank you Jane! You did find a way to follow I hope!:) I'm still trying to find a way….I know there's a way.
Hi Terra! Thanks for stopping by my new site! There is a follow by email but I think you have to sign in with a wordpress account. I'm trying to find a universal way. I'm going to see if I can add bloglovin too. :)

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