More Sunflowers - Day 11


Another day of flowers and continuing with my loose and juicy simplified style. I added a little more detail to this one and will maybe figure out where I'm going with this. I'll need to go large (at least larger than this little one. It's about 5x7), and might combine oils and acrylics. I mostly use oils but am getting more use to the versatility that acrylics possess. The clean up is a big bonus too. This one even has a few strokes of charcoal in there so it's mixed media. 

I've been painting flowers for years now. Before I started painting and posting on this blog, I painted watercolors. I also used color pencils when my daughter was a baby. They were easier to deal with and I could just grab them when she napped. I would sit and draw these detailed country heart wreaths and mostly gave them a way as gifts. I vaguely remember selling one though, that would have been my first art sale. That was way back in 1992. So much time has gone by.

Flowers have always been my passion, which was the main reason I worked as a floral design assistant or a while back in 1994, I think. I found out fast that I much prefer painting them. I could arrange them just find and enjoyed doing so, but cutting the stems with a knife...not my thing. To this day I still manage to kill a few flowers after recutting them when I get them home. 

Anyway, flowers are my thing and always have been. After hearing from so many of you, I finally figured it out, just paint flowers. Paint what you love (don't worry, I'll still paint other things too)


Sheila said...

Yes! Paint more of your gorgeous flowers :) (And other things too :)

Lisa Cohen said...

I love your juicy and painterly style! What gorgeous blooms. :D

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