Day 6 Sunflowers

available here
"Sunny Day" 
11x14 inch $275

close up shot

This was yesterday's painting but computer problems kept me from posting it until today. I think I'm back in business! My mom and I traveled to town today to make a stop at Trader Joe's where I picked up 3 bouquets of flowers! So much inspiration! I was planning on doing a week of landscapes but plans change. I'm going to work more on florals, juicy paint application, and different color combos. (sorry about the glare on the upper right side)

This was Day 7 but I only took 10 minutes on it and it's a tiny 4x4 inch! My mom and I saw Star Wars today and the 2 hour drive took up most of the day. Back some full paintings tomorrow...of my new flowers! 

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Sheila said...

Oh WOW! I love your sunflowers Jen :) They are glorious! I love the drippy leaves, and the movement in the background is wonderful. Thanks for the close up :) I love your sweet little bouquet as well. Oh I am green with envy! I was supposed to go see Star Wars with my brother over the Holidays. But he ditched me for my Uncle and cousin. Lol. Looking forward to it. Happy painting to you Jen!

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